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Last Updated: 03-12-09

      This site is dedicated to the Heritage Dungeon Dwellers line of Games, Miniatures, and Box sets that were produced in the early 80's. On this site you will find photographs of the miniatures that were used in the games, along with other figures that could be purchased in Blisters and Box Sets to add to your adventures, as well as some others that never made it to production.
      I started this site as a means to provide information, acquire more knowledge, and to preserve the history of the Heritage Dungeon Dwellers line. The "Blisters" area deals with all of the blisters that were available; this includes the painted and unpainted miniatures. The "Box Sets" area provides information on all the DD Box Sets that were available in the 80's. The "Box Set Inserts" area is available for the downloading of inserts that were provided in the original DD Box Sets. The "Figures" area contains images of all the miniatures that were available in Blisters and Box Sets. The "Forum" area is open to the discussion of the Heritage DD line and this website. In the "List" area, is information on the unpainted miniatures that were available for purchase in blister packs, including those that never made it to production. The "Gallery" area contains photographs of Painted Heritage DD figures that I have either bought or were donated to the site. In the “Grab Bag” area, there are photographs of unreleased DD miniatures, DD Jewelry and other related DD items. The "Links" page has numerous links to other websites that deal with Heritage related topics or products. Finally, to all of those people who have helped, contributed, or given words of encouragement the "Special Thanks" area is for you.
      If you have any comments about this site or would like to contribute to the efforts please e-mail me or leave a message in the Forum. Also, visit the Forums area for listings of Website updates.